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Our Philosophy

Gunung Seraya has a strong reputation in the timber industry because of its working philosophy. In addition to having a good work ethic, Gunung Seraya conducts its business with honesty and integrity. Our strength lies in our commitment to our customers. And as such, we are reliable and dependable in all aspects of our service.

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We keep our promises.

Our Story
  • 1972

    Gunung Seraya was established in 1972. The core activity of Gunung Seraya has been the export of quality Malaysian timber products to countries like Australia, Japan and the United Kingdom. Gunung Seraya, one of the pioneers and regular exporters of sawn timber to the Australian market, is viewed as amongst the top exporters in terms of quality and reliability.

  • 1993

    Subsequently in 1993, Gunung Seraya ventured into manufacturing solid timber mouldings. This proved to be a positive decision as it transformed Gunung Seraya into a manufacturer and exporter of consistently high quality timber mouldings together with many years of experience in shipping and handling whilst continuing its strength in sawn timber exports.

  • 1996

    Further in 1996, an additional warehouse was built to store the timber, complementing the production mill.

  • 2003

    And only recently in 2003, a third warehouse has been built together with a kiln drying plant and a pressurised treatment plant. These facilities create an apportunity for Gunung Seraya to further enhance its products’ quality and reliability. For those who appreciate and expect premium quality products and handling, Gunung Seraya is the likely choice as it has the experience and capability.

Malaysian Timber Council
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The Malaysian Wood Moulding & Joinery Council